Discover The “7 Presentation Closing Secrets” That Made Me 26M In Revenue And Multiple 6 to 7 Figures For My Clients …

These Works For One-To-One Or One-To-Many Sales Presentations, Online or Offline Events, FB, IG or Tiktok LIVEs and more!

Hey, it's Mel …

I have done more than 1000+ presentations and made more than S$26 million in revenue in the last 15 years.

Together with my business partner Jo, we have spent the past 6 years helping coaches, consultants, and service-based biz owners in Asia to have better and more profitable sales presentations, webinars, and more.

This is for you if …

Your messaging is all over the place so you end up saying the wrong things and attracting the wrong people.

Your offer is unclear for your specific target. You don’t have a clear message of what your product or service can offer

You lack knowledge in structuring a powerful sales presentation.

You can’t differentiate the messaging for your services and solutions versus the other service providers out there.

Your events, webinars, LIVEs or sales presentations are not converting, and you can’t figure out how to “fix” them.

And you want to …

Craft the right presentation message so you ONLY attract the right audience you can best serve

Effectively communicate what your product or service can offer… and make prospects realize that it is their way out to a better life so they come to you

Be able to differentiate yourself apart from your competitors through your messaging so your audience knows why they should choose you instead of others

Position yourself as an irrefutable, undismissable player in your market

Learn and apply the closing strategies (from fundamentals to advance) you can use to increase your presentation closing rate

In short: You want to secure the stability of your business by doing extremely well in your sales presentations, webinars, Zoom sessions, physical events, or social media LIVEs no matter how bad (or good!) the situation is.

Below are some of the incredible stories of how our clients improved their presentation game through our help.

Discover How Joseph, A Speech Coach, Managed To Close Back-To-Back 5-Figure Deals And 3x His Annual Income In 1 Year

Not only did Joseph increase his annual income, he also managed to make a greater and longer lasting impact on the people he served.

He got more time for things he wanted to do in life, and he was able to secure a successful business even during the pandemic.

Discover How Rachel, An Astrology Consultant, 10x-ed Her Prices And Increased Her Audience Size From 20 to 2,000 Pax In Less Than 2 Years

Rachel is now doing what she loves without having to worry about leads and sales.

She easily became the #1 astrologer in Asia, working with big names like Facebook.

Discover How Eric, A Brand Consultant, Made $400k In 6 Months By Having A Clear Message To His Specific Target Market 

Eric gained a clear direction and a fresh perspective on how he can progress his business further.

He remained unfazed during the challenging times in 2020 when he had to switch into doing online classes.

These are just a snippet of the inspiring transformations from our clients.

See what other people say about us.

Coen Tan

Executive Speech Coach at Ministry of Influence

"I 3x’d my business ever since I joined X-Factor!”

Sean Seah

International Best-selling Author, Speaker, and Investor

"I went from breakeven to $1 Million in profits in one year!"

David Chua

International Best-selling Author. Global Speaker. Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategist

"I keep closing people on my sessions. Melvin is the top performers’ secret weapon!"

May Sim

Asia’s Top Astrologer
CEO of Selfstrology Pte Ltd

“From closing $3,000 programs before, I’m now closing up to $30,000!”

Ken Chee

Executive Chairman & CEO at 8I Holdings Limited and its Subsidiaries

“Melvin helped our company go from nothing to a million dollar company!"

Benjamin Loh

Top 12% of Professional Speakers
CEO of Flare Communication Pte Ltd

“Melvin and Josiah may as well be Asia's best-kept secret in helping their clients scale."

Xin Hong Tan

Relationship Coach

"I have grown from making just 3-figures to making 5-figures per month while having less clients to focus on.”

Benedict Leong

Financial Advisor

"I usually take 5 to 6 weeks before I close a deal. But this time, I managed to close within 2 meetings!”

Shaen Yeo

TEDx Speaker
Best-selling author and coach
Founder, Happiness Scientists

"12 months after I joined X-Factor, my business grew by 41%.”

Derrick Chew

Theatrical Entertainment Producer at Sight Lines Entertainment

"In the span of 6 months of using the X-Factor Method®, I've made $400,000!”

Alex Ng

Value Investor, Speaker,  and Trainer

“People rushed to buy even before my entire presentation ended. I went from zero to 50% conversion rate!"

Eva Wong

Wealth Coach
Founder,  Finleap Mastery Services

"From month-long closing to just within a week. My conversion rate is now nearly 75% too!"

Anyway … I Am Doing This Because …

I was once in your shoes.

Believe it or not, there was a time when I, too, was not very good at presenting.

But after doing 1000+ presentations for over 15 years, I was able to turn my biggest lessons and most embarrassing mistakes into my best webinars and presentation practices that made us a total of $26M and my clients multiple 6 to 7 figures to date.

I became the guy who virtually everyone in Asia goes to learn from when they want to do better presentations and webinars - whether it is online, offline, with or without a pandemic.

Seeing how this method I developed amazingly worked for our own business, I want to help more people and have them experience the same or even greater success than what we’ve achieved.

I want to share with you EXACTLY how I and my clients did it so you can potentially reap the same or better results… without making the same mistakes and wasting precious time (it took me 15 years!) 

If you like the stories I shared and want to know exactly how I did it…

Join me in my FREE Sharing Session entitled …

In this webinar, these are the 7 Presentation Secrets That I’ll Cover:

Secret 1: How To Build A Strong Connection  With Your Audience So They Stay ‘til The End Of Your Sales Presentation, Webinar, Or Live

Secret 2: How To Attract The Best Clients You Want To Work With

Secret 3: How To Close A Sale Without Being Aggressive Or Push-y

Secret 4: How To Establish The Elements of Trust, Certainty, And Assurance Before And During Your Presentation

Secret 5: How To Position Yourself As An Irrefutable, Undismissable Player In Your Niche

Secret 6:  How To Share The “Right Type Of Stories” - This Technique Alone Made One Of My Clients $1.25 Million In One Weekend

Secret 7: How To Make The Most Money From Your Presentations Just By Identifying What Makes You Unique

… and ONE special bonus!

If you want to know how these healthcare professionals made it in the Crypto space…

My webinar will show you exactly how to achieve the same for yourself.

Just a disclaimer though - this is not your typical get-rich-quick session.

I’ve focused on finding the best and safest opportunities in the crypto market

And I will show you how you can capitalize on them.

As you can probably tell now, many before you have learned these 10 proven pillars…

And they continuously made gains - allowing them to secure their everyday needs and finance the things they love to do!

You too can have the same, or even better results.

A profitable crypto journey awaits! 

Take the first step by registering for my webinar.

I’ll see you soon.

- Mimi

Plus, When You Show Up To My Session And I’ll Instantly Give You My Personal Notes Worth 6 Figures!

Attend the session and I’ll give you a digital copy of my PERSONAL NOTES! 

It will serve as your guide as you implement the presentation secrets that I am about to share with you, since I won’t be releasing a recording of the session.

My personal notes will ensure that you won’t miss any important segments, which means you can 100% zero-in without worrying about the notes you did not catch during my sharing.

I’ll see you soon.


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